be2be has graduated! We’re officially Google Partners!

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Spring comes with a good news forbe2be and its current and future clients. We’re officially Google Partners!


What does it mean to be ”Google Partner”?

Google  Partners badge proves our skill and expertise in managing Google Ads campaigns targeted and custom built for our clients in order to optimize their budget to the fullest.

Getting the certification is no easy thing: you have to attend the online courses provided by Academy for Ads . Then, once you have graduated , it is necessary to meet AdWords’ budget requirements in order to promote the growth of income of the agency and the clients. And there’s no risk for our skills to get ‘’rusty’’ with time, since we’re required to renew the certification every 12 months, in order to keep working with the web giant and to ensure a solid and steady quality to our clients.


What does it mean for our clients?

Asking a Google Partner to manage the marketing campaign for your business means to rely on a team of web marketing and communication experts capable to concretise your business goals based on their deep knowledge of google products and of everchanging environment such as web marketing. So, simply put:

You can relax and build the business of your dreams and leave “the hard part” to us





What does it mean for your business goals?

Thanks to the various specializations put at disposal by academy for ads, our clients have the certainty to see their marketing campaign curated in every aspect: from the  website to the search and display ads; from the shopping ads to the video commercial for mobile until the social media campaigns, so that you can save the time that would be normally spent to the management of your business. Each aspect of the campaign will be managed professionally thanks to the direct support from Google: campaigns targeted for sex, age and location, optimization for mobile devices, analysis and evaluation of the campaign over time… in other words, all the necessary means to ensure our client an excellent service and an equally excellent return of investment.

Sure, we graduated, but our clients are the first to benefit from this new step in a path made of rewardings and achievements 


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