be2be @ IABforum 2018 MKTG is everywhere

Iab forum 2018 I am everywhere

Marketing is everywhere

On 12 and 13 november, be2be brings its business solutions to the IAB Forum, the main italian event for digitial industry.

This year’s edition, the 16th, will extend over 10.000 m2, will host more than 60 stands and will include exclusive contributions of top speakers from the tech and Digital world. Among all, Philip Kotler: regarded as the major expert in marketing of all time whom we owe the dissemination of the ‘’4P’’ model (Product, Price, Placement, Promotion). The event will also have room for stars from the world of entertainment, with stand-ups from Alessandro Cattelan and Valerio Mastandrea.

The two-days event will be an opportunity to question and discuss about the mobile society: an ever-changing reality in which the massive data stream, managed with the support of the artificial intelligence, builds new scenarios for the marketing as well.

Customed solutions for the mobile society

The companies and their customers are displaying a more and more fluid and dynamic behavior and technology pursues and amplifies this tendency: in this context, to reach the right customers at the best time and channel, it’s necessary to know how to build a flexible and tailor-made marketing strategy.

Is it difficult? Not for be2be , acatually, this is what will do at stand 32! Whoever will pay us a visit will discover our services, find those that better fulfill their needs and build a customed business solution. Our team will put at the disposal their expertise so that everyone could achieve their goals.

Crazy 4 numbers

This year everyone will  realize how much we love marketing, a good database and especially the performance: at the point that we’re literally crazy for numbers. And we invite you to be crazy with us, since numbers are the beating heart of our job.

We’ll take you for a journey among our wealth of profiled lists: whether it is a small town or a big metropolis, our marketing campaigns will allow you to reach every corner of the country. But how many potential customers you can reach in a small country? Play with us and take a guess

An opportunity to know each other…

For anyone who want to meet us at IAB Forum  there will be an interesting opportunity. We can meet at the space devoted to the speed date for companies: a brief, informal meeting where, we’ll win our interlocutors thanks to our expertise. To have a chat with us, it is sufficient to sign in after having purchased your ticket for the event.

They’ll be two hectic days, between handshakes, speed dates and business solutions. But will also have fun…

cin cin winelivery IAB forum

… and make a toast!

And  to relax at the end of the day,  winelivery our client specialized in bubbles (which shows off the best logo in delivery world 😉 ) will offer you its best drinks . Make our company known and spend the time with whoever comes to visit will be the real pay off after an intense work, always done with passion and the willingness to bring results to our clients.


What are you waiting for? Join us in this adventure:
see you at stand 32 @IABforum!


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