be2be on ”Il Sole 24 Ore”! The company through Daniele Laface’s standpoint


Last month be2be has been among the players of a great edition of IAB Forum.

It’s been two rich and busy days that gave us the chance of talking about marketing, creating business solutions directly from our stand and also to have a good time and drink thanks to winelivery (the complete article here)

But let’s not fortget another major achievement that involved us this month.


Il Sole 24 Ore spoke about us!!


The marketing that makes companies grow:
Be2be, digital business partner.

Nowadays, in order to be ‘’present’’ in a given field and doing business, a digital visibility is definitely a start point which is impossible to disregard. To make their marketing initiatives effective, businesses rely more and more on professionals capable of planning every step that leads to the achievement of their goals. That’s what be2be does, a company born in Turin that,  as for today, has already achieved  a major national significance in the digital marketing field. “Our secret, – says Daniele Laface, founder and CEO of be2be – is to combine the expertise in services with the passion and the excitement our team devotes to our clients, helping them to grow and consolidating in the market and gain new spaces’’.

On the basis of this mission be2be positions itself as a business partner in its own right for its clients, helping them to choose and adopt the most adequate strategies, building a trusting relationship that it can operate as a fully fledged internal agency. To achieve these goals, the company employs the most efficient and modern services: SMS and Telemarketing campaigns, Digital services able to give visibility on every platform, modern Web site, functional and tailor-made. The company is rapidly growing its turnovers, clients and professionals in their staff, ready to evolve as their business field does. These are some of the many paths be2be drives its clients through toward one goal: the accomplishment of new and important achievements in terms both of a commercial and entrepreneurial standpoint.

Il Sole 24 Ore, Gio 8/11/18, Anno 154°, Numero 308

be2be articolo sole 24 ore digital partner per il business aziendale


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