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be2be-mwc19-barcellonaMWC19 – Intelligent Connectivity

According to the latest data from ‘’eMarketer’’, mobile business will constitute about 80% of advertising spending of 2019.

This is the ever-changing background for the Mobile World Congress 2019 (WMC 19), the largest  mobile event which took place in the beautiful Barcelona from 25th to 28th of February.

For over a 100.000 square meters area, organized in eight halls and open spaces, Fira de Barcelona” has welcomed  2400 companies from 198 countries.

WHERE: MWC19 at “Fira de Barcelona”

Our Mobile World Congress

be2be, with its solid passion and expertise in marketing counseling, from Mobile Advertising to Sms Marketing, has partecipated, along with many other companies, to an unique event: networking events, lectures and workshops entirely centered on the newest mobile trends.

This occured on an informal framework but, at the same time, highly technologic to the point that even  the hallways were equipped with state-of-the-art treadmills.

Mobile according to be2be


The event has represented a great opportunity for us to extend our professional network, meet the main players in the field and to keep up with the most significant developments in the mobile industry, as for the 5G, the ultra-fast network of new generation presented with an amazing music show in the Ericcson hall. In order to demonstrate the efficency of this new network, musicians played in different spots of the congress via mobile phone, keeping a perfectly synch and clean sound, as if they shared the same room!



WHO: Daniele Laface (CEO) and Rida Wahbi (Junior Account)

Thanks to be2be, we had the chance to meet the major international players of the mobile field that are finally entering the Italian market, yet ruled out from their business until today. In the last few years, mobile has consolidated one of the main sales channels of choice for the companies to engage in targeted marketing strategies: billions of connected devices and new technologies are offering great opportunities for the marketers that are aiming to loyalize their clients. Even a traditional instrument as the SMS Marketing, thanks to the new advances with the Artificial Intelligences, enriches itself with a new, engaging UX .


In view of our expertise in the mobile field and our experience at MWC, will improve our services and will reach the best result for the business of our clients.



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