be2be partnership with EVO IOOC – Evo international Olive Oil Contest for its “2020 Digital Edition”

EVOO IOOC – EVO International Olive Oil Contest


From May 29th to June 20th , the whole world has been the backdrop the fifth edition of the EVO IOOC 2020 Competition.




A challenge between challenges, born around a complex picture, in which International Competition had to rethink its own rules, from the voting system to the award ceremony.

But, as stated by the President of the competition Antonio Lauro “the rhythm of agricolture does not change, but finds its own way, and the extra virgin oil and oil-based condiments producers have had to face new challanges, and come up with new ways to produce and promote their excellencies and also for this reason EVO IOOC has decided not to stop”.


be2be develops a new Web App for the contest


be2be has thus become partner of the new ambitious “#evoioocdoesntstop” project , supporting the organizers in the competition and all of its phases.

Since no international judge was able to leave his country, it was the precious oils that reached them and in a mere 15 days, during the journey of the champions for the world, be2be has developed, tested and launched a new Web App per la valutazione in remoto dei 491 campioni for the remote evaluation of 491 samples of extra virgin olive oil and dressings based on extra virgin olive oil in competition (+13% compared 2019), from 25 countries of the world divided between the northern and southern hemispheres.




This new evaluation system will replace the paper ballots forever, even when the competition, hopefully next year, will turn to be a live event once again. The Web App, gthanks to customed calculation algorithms and instant statistics, has made the final results finalization and the awarding of prizes to the winnersand theawarding process faster and safer.



The long-awaited Awards Ceremony broadcasted live on Facebook on june 20th has been a wide-spread success: 405 gold and silver medals assigned (counting a large Italian representative with 147 total medals), special awards, best of country, best in class and the acclaimed absoluse best international 2020 in the northern and southern hemisphere. For each prize and intervention be2be has developed graphic and creative concepts, videos and animations, which made the event, albeit on remote, even more engaging for oil-enthusiasts, oli producers and judges.




“We have touched first-hand the digital revolution,a lifeline for many productive sectors which has allowed EVO IOOC to avoid to suffer any setback. A revolution that can no longer be done without in the future”, the President of the Contest commented with satisfaction.


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