Be2Be saddles up with Turinbike!


Together on the same path


Sometimes, in covering the distance between an idea and a goal, even the most experienced rider can come across winding and difficult trails. In this case, it is crucial to find the right partner with which share the complexity of the journey.

It’s that same shared for adventure and challenges that has led Turinbike, the bike rental services specialized in cycle-tourism, be2be and  to finally meet, establish new goals and boost their businesses.

Brief: define an Identity + Online Presence to improve the business. Field: cycle tourism.  Target: local client and international tourists. Goal: Branding + Online Visibility



Developing an identity

At be2be  we are fully aware of how difficult it might be for businesses to stand apart, enhance their visibility through a coherent marketing strategy. We work hard everyday to persuade these businesses to invest in communication, in order to not miss the chance to grow that our niche can offer, starting from the google ads campaigns (as we recently became Partners) to the complete restyling of their corporate identity.

In a market more and more saturated and challenging, it is fundamental to show a brand that makes you stand out from the bunch thanks to a strong and distinctive identity. To meet this necessity, we have developed a concept that, in its shape and colors, could represent the uniqueness of the offer provided by Turinbike. The simplicity and the immediacy in the naming (‘’Turinbike’’) along with the research of a font that could be original and soft have been paired with a slogan that could concretize the evocative and emotional power of their brand (‘’Let’s B-Hike!’’)

Finally, we reached the last fundamental step of our rebranding work: the icon. We searched for shapes and colors that could synthesize the two very souls of the company: the dynamicity of the bike and their genuine passion for the Piedmont landscape. In this way, the T and the B of turinbike takes the shape of a red mountain bike, the sport color par excellence, especially in its garnet variant, historical symbol strongly connected to the city of Turin.


The  showcase of a passion


Turinbike needed a website which didn’t limit itself to present a product or a service, but that could also fully deliver the passion for biking and for a unique landscape envied throughout the world. So, other than building pages for any type of bike, we gathered the description of after sales products, repairing services, itineraries and recommended tour guides to live and unforgettable experience. On the website you can look at GPS paths (both on mobile and desktop) to dive in the landscapes and attractions of Turin and of amazing Langhe region even before saddling up for the adventure.

Another key aspect of this journey has been the developing of a reservation system that allowed the user to customize the request in any aspect, from the choice of the tour guide to the sized of the wheels of the rented bike and the accessories.

Confirming the shared willingness to reach past the borders, the website has been translated in English, so to broaden the range of the offer of Turinbike to tourists and bikers from all over the world.

New paths and new ambitions

The partnership between turinbike and  be2be won’t stop here. There’s still plenty of miles to run. In this path we embraced a coherent and powerful idea to grow, build a new identity and define new goals.

The new website – which design and colors had also an impact on the furniture of the shop – will keep growing in content with new itineraries, new blog posts and, obviously, new bikes.

That’s because, as the passionate customers of Turinbike, running a sole path it is not enough, but we wuickly go looking for a newer one, more challenging, with new obstacles and new destinations to reach.



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