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but… what is telemarketing?

If you can’t answer this question, picture this:

You were late the office, you’ve been stuck in the traffic because, of course, it’s raining. The fridge is empty. You’re trying to gather your last lucid thoughts when ‘’DRIIIIIN’’ – the phone rings, unleashing a sequence of hypothesis, most of negative – answer – a voice, sometimes pleasant, sometimes grudging, but always distant, is telling you that is calling from the company X to propose their ‘’so-and-so’’ tariff that is really convenient for you etc. .Your attention span is turned off by the words spoke by the operator, you’re looking for a fast ‘’exit strategy’’ to mind your business again…

You know, right? Imagine, then: same situation, but instead of an agreement for a supply that, in that moment, is not your priority, they called you to let you know about a new food delivery service: delicious food, free delivery! You’re tired, the fridge is empty. Sure you’re interested!

Here’s the difference. The be2be‘s expertise in telemarketing makes the difference between the first scenario, the one that almost everyone lives on a daily basis that makes telemarketing look as an awful solution to get in touch with potential customers, and the second, where telemarketing is a resource to make people needs and the company’s offer match! 

We love to make you happy

And it’s not east, for sure! The heart of the whole process, the secret for an efficient telemarketing is in the database. The list of contacts where, next to a simple phone number, you find those info that help you understand who your customers are and what they want (for instance, if they’re at home late in the evening and if their fridge is empty). At be2bewe understood how to build an asset of more than




of exclusive contacts

Profiled in accordance with best practice and managed only by us
And sure they’re not names gathered ”randomly”


The famous be2be numbers

Our job – the one where we spend all our efforts every day, – is to ensure that all the numbers we provide to our clients are…


It’s not a foregone conclusion, even if it should. We offer to our clients the safety of consulting a database in compliance with the law, even those still in force (see GDPR 2018). We’re so proud of the fairness in our way of working that we also endorseDMA Italia and support a responsible approach to digital marketing.



Which is like saying ‘’in good shape’’. We engage in keeping order in our database, where we won’t tolerate inexistent numbers, outdated addresses, contacts signed in the blacklist. In this way, our clients can gain the maximum profit: no wasted phone calls, no damage… Only the chance to ‘’flirting’’ with real, potential customers.


Telemarketing senza olio di palma

Happily ever after

Basically our idea of telemarketing is to make everyone happy:

➡ The company  which finds an efficient system to provide its services to people who are genuinely interested.

➡ The database holder that is sure to make the most by relying on us.



We took telemarketing
removed  everything we didn’t like and kept the good…


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