Be2Be travels light: to IAB with a selfie and a t-shirt!

be2be IAB forum MIlano 2017








be2be is packing up curiosness, smiles and… T-shirts! Our destination is  logo-iab-forum-milano-white in Milan, in mico-milano-congressi-logo-white‘s spaces where the next 29th and 30th November we’ll join as exhibitors in the most important Italian digital event.

And, obviously, we’ll do it in big style. We’ll bring the energy of our office: in the 12 square meters of the stand 76, whoever comes by will find a comfortable lounge good for talking, building friendships, sharing ideas and positivity, playing with us and our new, shiny logo: even winning hilarious rewards!


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Our Objectives


1) Making new friends

We agreed to meet with potential partners or customers, but we surely wouldn’t miss the opportunity to make other acquaintances. At the logo-iab-forum-milano-white there are exhibitors, speakers, guest that will lead workshop: with many people and realities like us interested in the future of the digital world, we’re in the perfect place to devote ourselves to our favorite hobby: networking.

Where ”networking” simply means sto share and collaborate: sharing experiences, values, perspectives, teaming up to grow together and multiply the development opportunities for us and the entire system.

02) Learning new things

The subject of this year’s forum tickles our desire to explore the unknown. Born digital: the digital advertising on the verge of an age that it can be assumed to be the most disruptive of history. Virtual reality and artifical intelligence will open scenarios unknown to everyday life and for marketing as well.

Atlogo-iab-forum-milano-white  the greatest experts in Italy and the entire world will explain how these technologies will build the future contexts and how those will become the future agents at play.

Digital Natives, post-millennial generation that lives, interacts and thinks digitally in every aspect of the everyday life. We want to learn to talk and relate with them in an efficient way: we thus start building today the tomorrow’s success.


3) Have fun

Because: ✓Meeting  people is fun. ✓Learning new thing is fun. ✓Sharing an experience with the whole team is really, really fun!

But the most important thing that we should do, that our CEO has established as an indispensable objective of the company is…

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Contest #be2iab


But it’s not enough! We want to share the fun with all those that will visit our stand. We’ll involve them in a game, a selfie-contest, It’s easy to partecipate:

  • Take a selfie in our space with the logo (and this is already fun, because our logo turns a selfie in a masterpiece)
  • Share it on out Facebook profile and don’t forget the hastag: #BE2IAB
  • Win a beautiful and ironic (just like us) t-shirt

Now that you know the incredible rewards in store for you we know you can’t help but visit us

Man in be2be t-shirt



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