Everyone’s for crazy SMS!!


Think of…

An invention capable of changing the behaviors, the culture, the interpersonal relations and even the art of an entire generation. An instrument created a quarter of century ago but still used today by millions of people every day. A simple and direct medium that even the so much-vaunted social network platforms couldn’t supplant.

Simple, efficient, extraordinary, try to think to Short Message Service SMS. There are many ways to call the first service specifically  designed for cellphones but, still to this day, even though our cellphones have been replaced by smartphones, SMS are always with us, and…

We really, really like them

98% of users opens an sms within 3 minutes from its reception (WOW)

➡ And they always receive it, wherever they are (double WOW)

All this thanks to a simple and smart technology: we send a message and this doesn’t travel to the receiver, but to a safe harbor where it docks until our receipient is reachable again. Only then the SMS travels again to dock smoothly on the phone of the person we sent it to.

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SMS always had the hallmarks of success

Turn your limits into strengths

Is it possible to say anything with only 160 characters? This feature made communication always frash and never boring; the limited length challanged professional marketers to find innovative solutions and penniless teen-agers to create a neo-language of abbreviations and symbols from scratch.

Even social networks started to copy themtwitter keeps the length restriction and all the other network are populated by emojis: smiles, hearts and tears (today also cups of coffee, slices of pizza, cats, dogs, ecc). All those little pictures conceived to give the right tone to the massages have changed the way to communicate! To the point that even MOMA has purchased the first set of emoticons, regarded as a key masterpiece to understand our times.

“The Original Emoji”, by Shigetaka Kurita – The Museum of Modern Art (New York)


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But back to us

Such a powerful medium for sure can’t be ignored by who wants to reach new potential customes in a fast, anjoyable and direct way. SMS are a guarantee and they will continue to be even in the future. All you need is to turn them in a powerful marketing instrument is be2be


We manage:




…phone numbers of potential customers! And only the useful ones! 

• because they have been obtained trasparently (the explicit consent of the user is the starting point of our activity)

• because they are properly profiled (better avoid to deliver a promo for Turin in Bari, right?)

• because the people that gave them to us are really interested in receiving the offers and the communications from the company.


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