Loredana Bertè – One Year Celebrating




An important celebration

On September 20th 2020, Loredana Berté, the rebel myth of Italian rock, turned 70

An important anniversary that boosted the be2be team’s desire to make their contribution to celebrate it in an iconic way.The urge to renew the entire digital ecosystem that revolves around her figure, primarily the website and social media profiles , statred from both Loredan aand her management. A gift given directly by the artis to her fans wanted to thank in particular the most loyal audience. From this urge, be2be ‘s proposal was to carry out a radical re-design of the online identity and its contents, to make everything more current and responsive in order to meet the audience needs for a more contemporary approach.


The idea behind the site

We know well that since users can access information on artists through social networks and various aggregators, the website has lost its more practical role (once a source for information and purchasing), leaving room for a brand new use. For this reason, Loredana Bertè’s website was conceived as an   in-depth and discovery touchpoint, where users and the b2b environment can access to get to know the artist in more detail and enjoy visual, audio and video content, official press releases which are available exclusively on the website.Only in this wayit could turn into an interesting and very special landing spot.




The new Berté’s aesthetic

Some aesthetic choices of the site, such as the movement of the hair in the canvas, come directly from Loredana. The whole experience was extremely engaging for the whole team, especially being able to agree on every artistic choice with the artist, albeit inderctly. The result was a very animated site, with a new palette that revolves around blue, the color that has characterized the artist for years.The section on which the team really devoted a lot of energy was the bio section: divided by decades, today it represents the arrival point for all those who really want to know everything about Loredana, from the beginnings, to the triumph of the 80s, up to this day. On this portion of the site, the user can get in touch with his life through not only descriptive texts, but also many images and videocontent.




I social

In parallel to the website, be2behas also acquired the management of social channels (from here on) for everything related to editorial planning and artistic direction.It is said that the blessing and the curse of social media is that they never lie: the achieved performances  are in fact proportional to the quality of the work done on it. From the radical change that began in the second half of September regarding the aesthetics and textual content of social networks, the results have been very positive: the Facebook page, for instance,  reached almost 2 million interactions, 23k new members on the page in less than a month and a coverage  of over 10 million.Numbers confirming the appreciation of the new creative and content imprint identified by the team.



A year of news


The social networks and the online website were just the beginning: the be2be team is already working to create, in close collaboration with the singer’s management, new ideas for extra content and entertainment for a non-stop streaming of novelties.



You wish to know more?

Check the new Loredana Bertè‘s Website!



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