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Come closer, we have something important to tell you: do you know what we do at be2be? Marketing. You don’t know what it is?  Try figure it out: ‘’Advertising’’? Yes, but how? ‘’Phone calls?’’ yes, good. ‘’Internet?’’. Sure. ‘’Even SMS?’’ Those too! ‘’But… have you no shame?’’

Absolutely not! Actually, we want to tell it to everyone and explain it properly.


We like to meet people and make them meet

That’s why we put in touch consumers, willing to save money on the purchases of products, and services and companies that want to deliver their best proposals exclusively to interested customers.


October 13th was just the beginning.

To inaugurate our new headquarters (A place full of energy, in the middle of a lively Turin) we threw a dinner party; managers, entrepreneurs, CEOs and business angels from Turin and Milan celebrated with use.

You must be thinking that we tried to flatter potential clients… but you’d be wrong! We believe that is good for everybody to build environments where it is possible to dialogue and make business for yourself and the company. The aim is to start an improvement for the whole network of people that surrounds our company. In this way we can really grow together.

In fact, to these daysbe2be has grown astoundingly fast and we feel a bit like Jake after having grown his magic beans.

Be2Be reaches the clouds

(and it’s impossible to not notice it)


Even Millionaire.it, the most read business magazine in Italy, noticed it. And we’re so proud of it, because they’re the best in the field. Since 1990, they talk about new businesses, giving room especially to innovative thinking: whether it is about young start ups, the most advanced borders of digital marketing, web and franchising. And for the November’s issue they chose  be2bewhich, all things considered, offers services that already exist. But Millionaire understood how we want to make it in a new  and useful way for everybody .


From November in the best newstands

Articolo be2be millionaire


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In fact, in November issue will be in the company of Flixbus: they didn’t invented buses either, but they offered a new way to provide this service. And there’ll be Oscar Farinetti too: we’re sure he didn’t invented good food, but he came out with a new client base for traditional products.

We share with them a real idea of innovation that doesn’t consist in striving to call services that already exist with new names, but rather to make these services suited to the real demands of the consumers and to the constant evolution of the life style.

With these amazing travelling companions, well properly wrapped in the November’s issue of Millionaire, we’ll arrive to the World Business Forum . Really a big achievement.


But it doesn’t end there

For every accomplishment, there are other 10 that waiting for us. For instance: to develop a useful and amazing way to communicate. Another one? Provide to our clients the best solutions so they won’t be unprepared  for the updating of the data protection legistlation expected in May 2018. Isn’t it enough? We’re working on creating an instrument able to create an exact match between the users’ requests and the proposals of the companies

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