One small step for the web, a giant leap for be2be

be2be web site 2018be2be web site 2018

We have a new website!

For every new beginning, you have to take a giant leap: and so we did. Just a year ago we started an exciting new journey: A website that makes of the immediacy its secret weapon and that reflects our willingness to commit and challenge ourselves, other than give a practical shape to our idea of business.

And, fortunately, we made it: one year has passed among thousands challenges and many new business solutions built up for our clients.

Thanks to these experience we have grown a lot and changed a little bit: grown in number and in skills. In fact, our team enriched itself with new high-profile figures: A Chief Financial Officer and a Chief Sales Officer joined us to fulfil the requirements of a company that is increasingly taking its form. Their expertise enable us to evolve both in the provision of our services and the quality that we offer to our clients.


We come a long way…

…in this direction, both in  human and practical terms: the advent of the GDPR has posed an opportunity to improve ourselves. We therefore enhanced the procedures in order to ensure the highest level of confidentiality, fairness and data protection. Furthermore, we have improved the IT infrastructure: because, even in the digital world, everything starts from a physical support which has to be protected as a vault. In our view, our user’s data is a valuable asset and it will remain so.


Be2be grows and changes

It’s becoming more solid and effective, increasing its ability to offer the perfect business solution for its clients. A positive growth, a changement that it’s very exciting for us and felt the urge to share: we did it (and we have also other surprises in store) through a brand-new website

The idea we’re following is  to provide to our clients a simpler browsing experience and, at the same time, more structured, with all its many layers to explore. Suitable for whom is in a hurry or wants to deepen and understand in every detail what we do; a structure that values the original and notable content that populates it.


Starting from us

be2be is first and foremost a team made of faces, heads, hands, skills and expertise. We couldn’t tell you about our evolution without introducing ourselves.

team be2be

The expertise of each member, the value of the team are building the quality of our services. The same services that allow us to achieve better and measurable results deserving to be shared and told, since we consider them a wealth for our clients.

For this reason, and since we believe that the production of  valuable content is one of the leverages of marketing, we put more emphasis on texts.

We devoted an entire page for each of our services. Thus anyone will be able to understand how they work. An extensive network of weblinks connects each service to the other: one for one, grouped by area or all together; that’s why we believe that only a solution that integrates all the right tools can ever be the most efficient business solution for our clients.

We made way for us, for our services, for a new way to communicate.
We focuses on the more important thing: whoever wants to browse it
We worked to offer a straightforward browsing experience: easy and friendly.


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Visit be2be‘s website and check all our services!



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P.S. While we were at it we took a couple of pictures to our new headquarters in Via Lagrange. Have a look! 😉