Programmatic Advertising and Artificial Intelligence

The technology of tomorrow at the service of today’s marketing

When we talk about Artificial Intelligence our thoughts go out to certain sci-fi scenarios: evil androids with a superior intellect which allows them to easily get rid of the human race, or, on the contrary, to cute and empathetic  humanoids which help us in our everyday tasks and are capable of something very close to affection.

These views are surely fascinating, but it is difficult to imagine if the future is really headed in this direction. What we do know is that, even with much less striking effect, Artificial Intelligence is already in our everyday life: from the virtual assistants to the domotics, from the chatbots to videogames, this technology is occupying wider and wider spaces.

The world of marketing, where the high competition drives to the research of  innovative solutions, has displayed an interest for the possible applications of the Artificial Intelligence and has find in this tool a powerful ally.

Data driven marketing:

when the artificial intelligence finds solutions to human needs.

Today, especially thanks to the web, to obtain goods and services is getting easier: in this broad and varied landscape of offers clients are looking for solutions as closer as possible to their needs.

As a consequence, marketing can no longer follow a common path. Instead, the user’s needs, with their limitless variability are tasked to drive the new strategies.

But how to identify and interpret them? In the complex game of the web, the potential customers provide us of the right instruments. Their behavior, their researches, their preferences; data with which they fill the forms, the browsing behavior, the place from which they connect.  Everything is useful to reach the need of the consumers.

But we’re talking about a great amount of data to be gathered, analyzed and systemized. Since in modern society needs and behaviors are mutable, this has to be done in a short time.


il marketing data driveln


As much as human intelligence, trained by experience, can do an excellent job, artificial intelligence is capable to process the notorious ‘’big data’’ in a fast and accurate way.

The computing power of the machine combined with the learning ability given by recent software can push marketing and get through the very idea of targetisation  towards what is called Predictive Marketing. A new way to communicate that benefits from automation to create customed campaigns cured in every detail and to publish them in the place and the moment they can reach the most suitable audience. According to a study published by Sizme[1], over 82% of experts agrees that, in the next two years, this will be the playing field with the competitors.

We too at be2be think that marketing stretegies could succeed only if able to constantly adapt to the ever-changing context. That’s why we believer in the potential of

Programmatic Advertising

And we’re not the only ones. In the European market half of the investments in digital advertising aims to programmatic advertising.  In a time where digital advertising is getting ready to overtake more traditional media, as television, it is more self-evident the importance of exploiting every instrument at disposal to enhance online marketing performance.

And this is exactly what Programmatic Advertising does: this technology allows to not only sell and purchase advertising space online in a totally automated way, but to do it in a targeted manner.  You can purchase the right space, in the right moment through the most suitable channel for the selected target. This result in an increase of conversion and, consequently, of ROI.

The intervention of Artificial Intelligence hence rationalizes and optimizes marketer’s work; but it doesn’t substitute them. On the contrary: whilst it helps digital advertising experts getting rid of a huge amount of data, It also frees resources for a more accurate strategic planning.


foto robot rotto intelligenza artificiale

In fact, now more than ever, since some of these process are automated, prepared and experienced professionals are necessary. The same professionals that be2be puts at disposal of its clients, able to calibrate the different advertising tools for an efficient business solution, producing original quality content to catch any kind of target.


If you want to learn the potential of the technology of tomorrow to build today a successful marketing



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