Turin (magazine) and be2be

Big news!

be2behas finally debuted in Turin’s living room: you’ll find us on the pages of the last issue of torino-magazine , the magazine that for years is a real metropolitan encyclopedia. Now, among the voices narrating the stories of the main players of the city life, after Albert Angela and Gianluigi Buffon you’ll find us too!


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Living the lab-city

torino-magazinedescribes us as digital consultants for large and medium-sized companies, capable of merging the enthusiasm of young reality with the expertise coming from the experience. And it took the keen eyesight of an authentical turinese magazine to appreciate…


1) our new headquarter

A place that tells our story


‘’on the second floor of a beautiful building in Via Lagrange’’

➡ We occupy a privileged and classy position, in full turinese style!

‘’… comfortably reachable from the train station, since many be2be client’s come from Milan…’’

Rooted in Turin, but connected with Italy and beyond!

‘’… Be2be office can obviously speak of freshness, enthusiasm and organizing… ‘’

The freshness of a new adventure, that started months ago!



02) Our enthusiasm

Which already brought notable results, as the partecipation at logo-iab-forum-milano-white in Milan…

… or the exclusive partnership with a giant like MYBEST and pushes us everyday to greater and greater results!


03) Our organisation

which allows us to guarantee to our clients an asset amounting to

Phone numbers
Email address

Legal, transparent and properly profiled.


in other words…



A chemistry felt and established by torino-magazine and the best premise

For a 2018 that, we’re sure, willl be rich of progress and success…


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