Why is the ”Bonus Advertising’ a Good Idea!



Tax incentives for the display adv and content marketing investments

Investing in advertising is always a good idea. It is even more if the investments, other than being profitable, allow to have access to valuable tax benefits.

That’s exactly what happens thanks to the so called bonus advertising: the Prime Minister Decree of 16th May and published on the Official Journal of 24th July offers the opportunity to turn the investments in advertising into tax credits.


Who can access to the ‘’Bonus Pubblicità’’?

The incentive is meant to reward companies, self-employed workers and non-commercial entities that,since the first semester of 2017, have increased spending on advertising. To apply, it is necessary to prove to have invested  at least 1% more than the previous year on advertising.

This measure serves, in the first place, to support the press[1] and local broadcasters: this means that only the costs for the purchase of advertisements slots on the press – on the websites as well! – or on local broadcaster, radio or tv.

As anticipated, the bonus will be delivered in the form of a tax credit and will be calculated on the incremental fair value. So, it will be the amount spent more than the previous year to be refund through the tax credit.

To what extent, it depends on the type of company that presents the application: starting from a 75% for everyone to a 90% to micro-enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises, and innovative start-ups. To sum up:

If, in the first half of 2017 (and for the entire 2018), my company has spent 1000 € more on advertising, compared to the previous year, thanks to the bonus advertising it can receive a tax credit of 750€.


How to apply for the ‘’Bonus Pubblicità?’’

In order to benefit from this advantage, it is necessary to submit the application online through a platform built specifically by the IRS. Besides filling the form, those applying must provide the complete documentation certifying the expenditure for which the bonus is requested.

It will be possible to access to the platform and submit the application over a limited period: from 22nd September 2018 to 22nd October 2018

It is therefore an interesting opportunity that should not be missed. 


Be2Be and the Bonus Advertising

We’re always seeking for the perfect business solution for our customers. That’s why we care to point out any opportunity that could help companies and especially reward the investments in the marketing department.

But there’s more: among the expenditure items that allow access to the bonus advertising you can find the excellent services that Be2Be provides to its customers. Populating the ad spaces on the online press means building banners specifically designed to draw the attention of a specific target; or, also, to create original content, articles, infographics that thanks to words and images can inform and persuading the reader and make a business proposal truly effective.


immagine bonus pubblicità
With Be2Be and the Bonus Advertising marketing is even more convenient


Thanks to the expertise in the display advertising and content marketing department, Be2Be is the perfect ally of the companies that desire to invest in a good marketing strategy and access to tax benefits.


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